Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birch Bay 15K Road Race

Well, as I sit here typing this post I find myself getting more and more upset. I am realizing that you really can't take a break from exercise and expect your results be like they were 2 years ago when you were training every day.

I find I am asking myself, Why did you stop working out regularly? Why are you letting yourself get back into a lazy state? You were sponsored for cryin' out loud! and now you're running a 12 minute mile! Why did you stop walking your dog every day? etc...

I am saddened that I let myself fall back into out habits. I am not anywhere near a fit person at this stage. It's amazing how many excuses I used:
  • Work was too busy so I couldn't get away
  • Oh man, I didn't get off work until 7:00 so I can't work out now. I won't have any downtime
  • It's the weekend so I should spend the time with my family or in my craft room.
  • I am tired or have a headache and working out will make it worse.
That all ends today, here is the reset button. This is my first race of the season and I am determined to get faster and back to my in shape self. For every hour I want to sit and watch TV, work in my craft room, or just be plain lazy I must exercise 15-20 minutes. No more excuses. As my son would say Suck It Mom!

Here is Jett and I at the start of our race. He was pulling me down that hill saying why are we going so slow???

Here we are at mile 9, can you see the difference? Man oh man I have a lot of work to do!

Thanks for letting me vent today, as the name of the name suggests this was supposed to be a running journey and my craft blog. I am planning on getting much more variety on this blog in 2012 so I hope you enjoy my journey!

Have a wonderful week and smile often you never know who needs it!

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