Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkins & More

Hello, My name is Melissa and I still carve pumpkins even though my children are grown! I can't be the only one right?  :) I love Halloween, it happens to also be my daughters favorite holiday so having her away at college this year is tough. She was home for a visit this weekend so we were able to get some crafting time in.

She made a rossette wreath just like the one HERE and boy is she proud of it. I will post photos as soon as she hangs it up :) My daughter is a Freshman at Washington State University so this is my tribute to her.

I know it isn't the greatest photo but my tripod is broke and this was hand held. I found this great site with 100's of pumpkin stencils for just $5.95. Check them out HERE if you love pumpkin carving I definitely recommend this site.

Here are two photos of my porch during the day. I wasn't really feeling Halloween this year (I know I will get used to my sweet girl being gone) so I went straight for Thanksgiving since that is the next time my sweet girl will be home from school.

Hope your holiday is a happy and warm one :) I am happy to report that I will be back running! I am doing a 5K on Halloween eve to test out my knee! It will be so fun to watch all the goblins and ghouls running along side me! Wish me well.

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