Thursday, January 19, 2012

A round box?

Well here we have another super fun holiday coming up and if I had small children I would be helping them create handmade Valentines for their school parties. But my children are both grown and I think if I mentioned that I wanted to make them for their classmates they might check me into an institution. Well it just so happens that my beautiful niece Abigale moved over here a late last year (that's weird to say isn't it?) and she is just the right age!! Her class will be having a party and she wants to make her projects with me :) 

Here is one project I came up with. There will be more to come for sure :-) 

So yes I made a round box! I used our wonderful Milk Carton Die for the Big Shot. How cute is this little box :) 

Here are a few more photos of each side. I just love it!!

There is a little trick to putting this little box together, if you can;t figure it out leave me a comment and I will get you the instructions.

Here is the shopping list as well!
Here's to a happy and crafty holiday!

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