Wednesday, August 24, 2011

College send off, vacation, & then back to reality!

Since my last post 10 days ago I have been crazy busy! We have moved our daughter into her dorm, visited with my newest nephew, traveled to Canada, camped, wakeboarding, went to the spa and more!
Day one of our journey started with us dropping off our daughter at her new home for the next 9 months. I will tell you it wasn't what I expected. I had thought that maybe we would shed a few goodbye tears and lots of hugs & we'll see you soons, but no, nothing like that.

We moved her into her dorm on Sunday afternoon. We helped her unpack and get her room put together. We then had a parent orientation meeting that we had to attend so we left her to finish putting away her stuff. When we came back she had a list of things we needed to purchase so while we went to the store to get the last remaining items she had a sorority meeting. When we brought back all her goodies, she had another meeting that she had to go to so it was a quick kiss on the cheek for me, a kiss for her dad plus a hug after he slipped her some cash, she said Thank You, Goodbye, and I love you. That was it. No tears, no nothing. I am happy that she was so excited because the night before she was so nervous that she didn't sleep or eat anything. I am also a little proud of myself for not crying!

After leaving her at college we headed east to visit my brother and his new bundle of joy. Hunter James is so yummy that I just want to kiss and hug him all the time! I can honestly say that I have never seen my brother so happy! I am so proud of the two of them! Here are a few photos of the yummy bundle!

Each year we head to British Columbia, Canada to visit our dear friends. Day 3 had us venturing north! We arrived in Vernon, BC just about dinner time. We seriously spent 7 hours driving to get to our wonderful destination! I am happy to report that I can read my Nook in the car without getting motion sickness. This is not something I could do with a real book, just another reason I love my Nook! We visited with our friends and prepared our activities for the week. Day 4 took us to the Shuswaps where we camped. It was crazy that in Vernon it was 90+ degrees and the Shuswaps were cold and rainy! We toughed it out for one night and called it quits. We packed up the next morning and headed back to Vernon where the warm weather was! We spent the rest of the week boating on Lake Kalamalka, Wake boarding (Yes I got up but no one took photos because that is usually my job!), golfing, playing cards & Taboo, the girls went to the spa while the boys golfed again, we hiked Silver Star mountain, and around Predator Ridge. We also had a good deal of adult drinks and some wonderful food!

This trip is always a bitter sweet trip for my husband and I. It is not only the vacation that just he and I take, but when it is over it signals the end of summer for us L We have to come home and get our son ready for school, close up our garden for the year. And start putting away the summer toys. While I look forward to a great snowboarding season I am sad to send summer off so fast because here in the Pacific Northwest summer seemed to have just arrived and now we are saying goodbye!

On the crafty side, just a quick reminder that our Buy 1 get 1 promotion is almost over. Hurry and get your Designer Series Paper for your holiday projects!

Happy Creating!!!

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