Monday, August 8, 2011

My craft room redo!!!

I can't tell you how long I have waited for a room that was all mine to hide away and be crafty for as long as I wanted. I can leave stuff where I want it (note that really means I can be messy and close the door when I am done) and I don't have to share with anyone :-) My husband and I used to share this room. It was the office. Well as it turned out his computer broke and because he had his X-Box (gaming was the only reason he had a computer) he decided he didn't need to replace his computer. Well after some convincing and having to clean up the garage to give him his space I finally got my room. Here are the before photos. This photo was taken before we moved our furniture in. I never liked this room so I never took photos of it again once we moved in.

Yes it is small but I have now added great storage so I made the space work.

Here are the after photos! Don't you love the colors :-) This is my happy place and now that I have it, I barely come out of it!
This is the whole room shot. It sure does look crowded!

This is the right side of the room. The shelving unit is Martha Stewart from Home Depot. And I promise the Create definition is straight even though the photo doesn't make it look that way.

This is the left side of the room. I will be added some towel racks from Ikea to hold my punches.

This holds my cricut cartridges and some non-SU stamps and punchs.

Here is my create station :-)

This is my computer area. Enough said!

Thanks for browsing through my before and afters. I would love to have you over to craft with me anytime!

Happy Creating!!!

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  1. Great Space.. I love how you took a room you didn't really like and made it your own.