Friday, September 9, 2011

Seeking New Business...

I am always interested in finding new ways to reach new stampers and paper crafters. On a message board that I frequent a suggestion came up that you should pass out "x" number of cards in a set period of time. For example, make 15 cards and in 48 hours pass one card out everywhere you shop or visit. Here were some suggestions for passing the cards out; when handing your money to the cashier at Starbucks, hand them the card as well, when dropping off your library books go inside and hand one or two to the librarians working the desk, etc.

So I am always up for a challenge and super excited to spread my love of this craft so here is what I created.

This is a full card with a sentiment inside. It has a little bling and several techniques that I could teach the beginner but could customize to the advanced crafter. I attached my business card in there attached to a post-it note asking them to call or email me to host a workshop or just to join me for a fun night of crafting at a club or stamp-a-stack.
I am really putting a lot of energy into drumming up new business and I know how strong the power of thought is so, if I believe it, it will happen. Who knows maybe you are reading this now and will call me :-) One can hope!

Happy Creating!!!

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